Southland Station in the first term — A broken Baillieu Government promise

Before the 2010 state election, both parties promised to build Southland Station:

IT’S taken an election and years of lobbying, but Southland will finally get its own train station.

The busy retail complex has been crying out for a rail hub, and now both major parties have pledged it will happen.

What it will cost depends on who you vote for – the Liberals saying they will spend $13 million, while Labor will put up $45 million.

Both parties say they will build it in the next term.

Early last week Mordialloc Liberal candidate Lorraine Wreford said a $13 million project to construct a station on the Cheltenham site will be a major part of their public transport strategy.

But then:

NEARLY two years after making a pre-election pledge to build a railway station at Southland, the State Government will still not provide a time frame, casting doubt over its future.

Even worse, this whopper was told about having made the promise in the first place:

A spokeswoman for Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder said while the government was committed to building the station, it was “incorrect” to claim it was promised in its first term.

The government must quit this nonsense and get to work building Southland Station. They were elected due to voter dissatisfaction, especially in the southern suburbs, about the way public transport was handled by the previous government.

They put forward a public transport reform agenda when the existing government was willing to do quite little about public transport apart from take a business as usual approach. This included building the much needed Doncaster and Rowville lines, building Southland Station, overhauling the transport bureaucracy and improving security at stations through PSOs. They are delivering on PSOs but have yet to deliver in other areas.

If this government fails to deliver on public transport, the members for Bentleigh, Mordialloc, Carrum and Frankston — along with the government itself — can all expect to be swept out of office the same way they turned up in the first place.

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