The Australian asked about Hawke and Keating, so here’s Bob Hawke

Bob Hawke speaks in defence of medicare

Columnists at The Australian seem to be wondering where Hawke and Keating have gone.

In The Australian’s editorials, they’ve written:

The silence of Mr Hawke and Mr Keating as they watch all this unfold is deafening. Along with the economy, they modernised Labor. Now they see it in regression. The rhetoric would not be out of place in the 50s and promises to expand government are redolent of the 70s.

This rhetoric exposes an electoral choice that doesn’t so much pit Mr Shorten’s Labor against Mr Turnbull’s Coalition but against the economic posture of every Labor and Liberal leader since Malcolm Fraser. We again note the telling silence of Labor’s elder statesmen, Mr Hawke and Mr Keating. Can they endorse Labor’s approach?

Various columnists for the newspaper have also written many articles along these lines. They need not fear though, because Bob Hawke has stepped up and made his voice heard. He has criticised the Liberals’ moves towards privatising Medicare and endorsed Bill Shorten and Labor at this election.

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