Victory! Entire 703 bus route now runs on Sundays

Moon landing with bus caption: One small step for a bus, one giant leap for public transport In Melbourne, there’s a bus route: the 703 bus, which is a special route. But there was something seriously wrong with that route. The section west of Bentleigh Station, until now, did not run on Sundays.

So for the better part of a decade, I have advocated for this bus route to be improved. More recently, I have been making the case to Nick Staikos (and other members of the Andrews Government). Of course, given how big a problem this has been, other people from the area have also been keen to have this fixed, and have let this government know about it.

As a result, the Andrews Government has done something about it. From now on, this bus route will finally run in full, 7 days a week.

There’s still more to be done of course. The bus route still runs infrequently on weekends, service is still limited at night and other bus services in the area need to be improved too. Nevertheless, this is an important step forward that will make it easier to get around the local area with public transport.

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