The Australian asked about Hawke and Keating, so here’s Bob Hawke

Columnists at The Australian seem to be wondering where Hawke and Keating have gone. In The Australian’s editorials, they’ve written: The silence of Mr Hawke and Mr Keating as they watch all this unfold is deafening. Along with the economy, they modernised Labor. Now they see it in regression. The rhetoric would not be out of […]

School funding: Malcolm doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going

Malcolm Turnbull is confused about our schools. Do you know what he does? He flip flops! Sometimes, he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. He wants to sell young Australians’ future short! Yesterday his government has announced $1.2 billion of funding between 2018-2020. This announcement has come merely weeks after Mr Turnbull announced that public schools will […]

Malcolm’s Latham hit list: every public school

Remember the fuss that the conservative side of politics made about Mark Latham’s “hit list” of private schools that were to have their federal funding reduced? Well, it looks like Malcolm Turnbull has a hit list of his own now: Every public school. We’ve gone from Tony Abbott saying “no cuts to education” before the election to […]

Stacking the Senate is a poor substitute for good policy

Back in 2014, I warned about changing the election rules in order to stack the Senate and benefit the Liberal Party. Since 2013, the Abbott-Turnbull “Government” has continuously sought to bring in ridiculously bad policy. When their policies were rejected in the Senate, instead of reflecting on how bad their policies are and coming up with good policy, […]

It really was the best day of Joe Hockey’s life

The night before Joe Hockey delivered the budget in 2014, it is said that he danced to the song “Best Day of My Life” in his office. This was seen as callous by people opposed to the budget that he ultimately delivered. You know what? It really was the best day of Joe Hockey’s life, because […]

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