What sovereign risk? East West Link companies bid for Melbourne Metro construction

Those who followed the happenings with the East West Link tollway in Victoria would remember the overblown “sovereign risk” scaremongering from the conservative side of politics. Yesterday’s announcement of the consortia bidding to build the Melbourne Metro tunnel further shows how that had turned out to not be a thing: Premier Daniel Andrews joined Minister for Public Transport […]

You won’t believe which tollway Latham supports

Earlier this year I bought a car. It’s a Holden Commodore and I like to think it’s a sick car, but that’s beside the point. It follows that I am driving more than I did before I bought that car. Some might ask: “Hey Terry, you used to mostly catch public transport and supported improving […]

Dan puts an end to the sorry East West Link saga

The East West saga is finished, and at a much lower cost than Liberals and sections of the media were predicting. In fact, this government handed the consortium virtually nothing. The $339 million was paid by the Napthine Government to the consortium before the election. Liberals and Liberal-friendly media have asked why the consortium got to have […]

Buying elections with freeways? Doesn’t work

Last year’s Victorian state election demonstrated many things. One of the things it demonstrated is that you can’t buy elections with freeways. The failed East West Link stands testament to that. Many have said in the aftermath of the election that polls showed that people want the tollway, but there are other polls that have shown when people […]

Infrastructure Victoria and the politics of infrastructure

Labor has said that they’ll establish Infrastructure Victoria if they win the election this month. As Shadow Minister Jill Hennessy says, an intention of this is to take the politics out of infrastructure and not have infrastructure investment hampered by election cycles. Having long-term plans to build the infrastructure Victoria needs that are supported by […]

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